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Sterling produces independent media. We have relationships with award winning producers, directors, writers and actors. We welcome the opportunity to work with individuals and companies who share a common vision: to create critically acclaimed work that achieves commercial success.

Sterling has been a producer of content for television and films since 2000. We have distributed content domestically and internationally. 

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May's world unravels upon discovering her lover's bloody scarf. This crimson mystery drives may into a psychiatric ward, under the care of the ominous Dr. Ballard after police discover the scarf in her possession. Detective Harding appears as May begins to exude a whimsical story regarding unsavory characters and multiple murders. Is May capable of unveiling the imprint of the killer?

Coleman Family Legacy

After The Sweat Dries

The story of the Coleman family legacy. We follow George Coleman as he rises to fame. The legendary Jazz musician and the story of fame, music and family.

A true story about two athletes who faced life changing challenges and redefine the meaning of success.

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