Laura's Extraordinary Tales

Eldenfaire is a bustling town located at the end of the BIG rainbow, backed by rolling hills and dotted with streams. There are enchanted forests, businesses, secret tunnels, rivers, and homes with endless labyrinths and rooms in the nooks of trees. But the most interesting thing about Eldenfaire is its citizens. Eldenfaire is home to all creatures magical and mystical, theatrical and fantastical. We’re talkin’ pixies, imps, elves, flying beasts and slithering ones, whozits, whatzits, mids and middles, wees and not-so-wees, and just about any and every one in between who’s ever shaken a wand, hiccupped a spell, or conjured a tune from a miniature harp.


Our guide around town and the teller of the moving, funny, and instructive tales of the land and its “people” is Laura. She’s like your favorite aunt, only hipper and she’s an elf. You see, Laura is a tie-dyed-dress-wearing, clog-sporting, cool-shades-donning elf. And TALL! Just in case you’ve been living at the other end of the rainbow these past few hundred years, Laura is the TALLEST elf in Eldenfaire’s history. A tall teller of tall tales!