Sterling Worldwide Entertainment's team has produced independent media for over thirty years. We have long standing relationships with award-winning directors, writers and producers.


Given our large distribution network, our films and television shows have been translated into many languages. Additionally, we have ventured into media buying and have acquired and produced substantial hours of television programming. As a benefit, we are able to leverage this programming to provide our clients with optimum pricing opportunities for commercial airtime for Television and Radio.


We have produced small to large commercial campaigns for many clients such as: Golf Digest, The Wall Street Journal, Conair, Ford Motor Company, FasTrainer, ELS Educational Simulations and Snoreezz Pillows to name a few.


Sterling has also produced and coordinated the video production live events for many clients, including, ”Think Big” (real estate wealth expo, Javits Center and the Hilton) featuring some of today’s biggest real estate stars, ”Money Expo” with Suzy Orman, as well as many speaking engagements for the Learning Annex and One Day University. The Learning Annex and One Day University are known for their educational classes and seminars, which cover a vast number of subjects.

Sterling has recently partnered with Chip Taylor Communications; we now have 500 hours of programing reaching 100 million households. Within our programming hours we have 1500 mins per month of airtime available for ads. We currently air on four different networks and are in the process of adding more channels, including a network that specializes in advertising for non-profits. This network has a subscription base of 13.9 million people on the Dish Network. 


We can customize your buying experience and maximize your exposure to provide you with the best results, as we want to build a successful long-term relationship with you. ​


Sterling has been a producer of content for Television and film since 2000.

Chip Taylor Communications has been in the business of commercial airtime and distribution since 1985. We partner with advertisers and sponsors seeking to integrate brand or message in on-air or to-be-produced programming.

Our Current Channels

Although we can help you advertise anywhere. We have airtime exclusive airtime relationships with the networks below.

Top Advertisers and Length:

ADT Security :60

Affordable Life Insurance :60

AMAC Loan :60

Andersen Windows :60

Angel Care Insurance Services :30

Annuities Five Secrets :60

ARNT Addiction :60

Back Brace America :30

Blood Thinner :60

Car Cane :60

Car Shield :60

CB-1 Weight Gainer :60

Choice Policy for Insurance :60

Clever Grip :120  

Credit Repair :60

Diabetic Resource Center :60

End Addiction :60

EverBrite Light :120

Female Hair Loss :30

Flippin Fantastic 1:20

Freedom from Addiction :30

Gotham Crisper Tray :60

Graze :30 

Guardian Legal IVC Filter :15

Hair Club for Men :30

Health Markets Medicare :60

Home Warranty :60

Independence University :60

Live Links Dating :30

Low Cost Airlines :30

Medicare BackBrace :30

MESO Asbestos :60

MJ Back Knee Pain :30  

MSA 30X Hearing Aid :30

My Pillow :60

Nexium Heartburn :60

OsteoArthritisCream :30

Perfect Smile :60

Plus Benefits :60

Predaxa Lawsuit :30  

PulaskiLaw/Motorcycle Accident :30

Red Copper Flipwich :60

Roundup Lawsuit :60

Royal Caribbean Sea Cruise :60

Senior Funeral Insurance :60

Simply Contour :60

Star Shower Motion :120

Swifty Sharp :60

Tax Answers :30  

Taxtore Hair Loss :30

US Healthcare Mobility :30

US Med Supply :30

Wearable Towel :60

Xarelto Lawsuit :60

Yoshi Copper Grill Mat :60